About Peter

Rarely do you find an artist whose work is so refreshing and original that it forces you to ask tough questions – not about the art but about yourself. Peter Brooke-Ball has been making sculptures for more than 25 years but it is his recent pieces that have ignited the curiosity of art collectors around the world, from Toronto to Florence, from Edinburgh to Budapest. He has pared away youthful affectations and has distilled his work to express pure and frighteningly honest ideas.

Much of Peter’s new output is deceptively uncomplicated. On a superficial level, his sculptures are sensual and beautiful objects that demand to be stroked and handled. But they are also disturbing. Or sexy. Or funny. And many hint at sinister undertones of cruelty and violence. They tickle those base emotions and desires in all of us that we would rather keep under wraps, undisturbed. This is why they provoke self-examination. Seldom has simplicity been so powerful.


Solo and two-person exhibitions
Group exhibitions

Art education

1979 – 1980 University of Exeter
1975 – 1978 Bath Academy of Art
1974 – 1975 Somerset College of Art, Taunton
1971 – 1972 Hammersmith School of Art, London

After university, Peter moved into publishing to earn a living before reverting to his first love, sculpture.
As an author he published fourteen books and numerous articles for various magazines.


The Collection of Modern and Classical Art, Museo de Orense, Spain
Gynaecology Ultrasound Centre, Harley Street, London
Thompson + Baroni Architects, London
Ferndales Gallery and Restaurant, London
Dame Laura Cox (commission), Somerfield Supermarkets (commission)
Taunton and Somerset nhs Trust (Musgrove Hospital)
Private collections in England, Scotland, Hungary, Canada, the US, and Italy

Represented by:

Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden, Ockley, Surrey
The Art Movement , London
GX Gallery, London
2007 Elected an Associate member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors.