tranquillity at Chelsea Flower show

Kilkenny limestone, pewter 160 x 60 x 30 cm

brood stone (SOLD)

altered peridotite, rope, steel 51 x 56 x 41 cm

Tranquillity at ‘onform’, Asthall Manor

rosa marble, pewter on Portland stone base 69 x 54 x 32 cm

One (sold)

Welsh slate, steel on Portland stone 139 x 30 x 29cm (incl. base)

endless balance

Portland stone, rope, steel dimensions variable

of this bond (sold)

Caledonian granite, lime, rope 21 x 30 x 21cm

Bound Rock at Grove Hotel

Serpentine, stainless steel and Limestone 140 x 65 x 50cm

Sentinel at Grove Hotel

Granite, pewter and Limestone 160 x 60 x 50cm

Bound Rock (sold)

Marble and Bronze 22 x 24 x 21cm

Bound Rock II (sold)

Marble, rope and wax 22 x 24 x 20cm